tirsdag den 15. juli 2014

Look at me I'm Not Sandra Dee

Look at me, I'm NOT Sandra Dee
I'm cheerful and fat
But it's not so bad
Because; I'm NOT Sandra Dee

Listen to me; Hey I'm me
I was not raised to be thin or fat
Good or bad
But to be me, just me

I don't drink
Or sometimes I drink
I'm out among other
They stare at me, I can see
They whisper and sometimes comment
The fact that I'm fat
But they do not know yet
How much it hurt

I am happy and cheerful
I can listen and comfort
So I am more than fat
You should know better
End to look and whisper

I'd rather be fat and down to earth
End snobby and evil just like you
If you know me well
Would you also know that I am more than being fat
So no I'm not Sandra Dee, but myself

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